Yes, another year has come to an end. It is just completely unbelievable how quickly time flies!

If you are planning to go on holiday during the festive season, please make sure that your dogs are properly cared for, either at home with somebody that you can absolutely trust, or otherwise in a good kennel.

Do not leave your dogs at home with a bowl of food and a bucket of water and go away for days on end. Get somebody to check in on your dogs to make sure they are not sick and need a vet. Water buckets can topple over, and if nobody checks, your dog could be left without water for days.

Once again a request - do not participate in the fireworks frenzy. Dogs' ears are extremely sensitive and the loud bangs sound like nuclear war to them.

Keep your dogs safe during the New Year festivities. Try to keep them indoors and occupied with something enjoyable if they are scared of fireworks. Some dogs don't care about the noise and smells, other go totally bonkers. Some breeds are also more noise-sensitive than others. Know your dog and make provision for your dog's needs during this silly season.

Christmas presents for dogs:

Is your dog part of the family? Do you want to buy your best friend a Christmas gift? Consider the following:
-A new ball, squeaky or fluffy toy, a frisbee
-A new jacket for next winter
-ASome doggy biscuits or special dog chocolate - no human chocolate, please!!! Check the Internet, you will find some delicious doggy recipes.
-A chew toy - such as hooves, dried pig's ears, a rope, etc.

-A new dog blanket for next winter. (Dog blankets do not last long; they develop strange little holes very quickly. Experts believe these holes have something to do with teeth.)
-A new food or water bowl.
-For the more naughty dogs - something to keep them out of mischief, like:
A Buster Food Cube which could be filled with pellets and the dog has to roll it around, releasing a snack every now and then
Or a rubber kong, where you fill the hole with a yummy treat, forcing the dog to figure out how to get at the treat, keeping his mind, tongue, teeth and feet occupied for a while.
-A new collar and leash (funny how these also get damaged after training for a while)
-New name tags with your name and telephone numbers. Don't forget to update name tags when your telephone numbers change.
-Please, an old slipper or T-shirt is not a suitable gift. Your dog will enjoy it nevertheless, but he cannot distinguish between an old slipper and a new slipper, and he will only end up in trouble when he eventually discover your new slipper, gets confused and starts chewing the new slipper.
-Hug your dog - he will enjoy it and you might in return get a very wet kiss!